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Main recent research topics

  • Fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control of nonlinear uncertain and distributed systems
  • Model predictive control and nonlinear systems
  • Neural approximations for optimal control and estimation

Downloadable Technical Reports

G. Pin, T. Parisini, “Robust Minimum-time Constrained Control of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems: New Results. DI3 Technical Report No. 2011.1 (Download Preprint PDF)

Selected Publications

  1. G. Pin, T. Parisini, “Networked Predictive Control of Uncertain Constrained Nonlinear Systems: Recursive Feasibility and Input-to-State Stability Analysis,” IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, to appear tentatively in December 2010.
  2. X. Zhang, M. M. Polycarpou, T. Parisini, “Fault Diagnosis of a Class of Nonlinear Uncertain Systems With Lipschitz Nonlinearities Using Adaptive Estimation,” Automatica, vol. 46, pp. 290-299, 2010.
  3. R. Ferrari, T. Parisini, M. M. Polycarpou, “Distributed Fault Diagnosis with Overlapping Decompositions: an Adaptive Approximation Approach,” IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, vol. 54, pp. 794-799, 2009.
  4. X. Zhang, M. M. Polycarpou, T. Parisini, “Design and Analysis of a Fault Isolation Scheme for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems,” Annual Reviews in Control, vol. 32, pp. 107-121, 2008.
  5. E. Franco, L. Magni, T. Parisini, M. M. Polycarpou, D. Raimondo, “Cooperative Constrained Control of Distributed Agents with Nonlinear Dynamics and Delayed Information Exchange: a Stabilizing Receding-horizon Approach,” IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, vol. 53, n. 1, pp. 324-338, 2008.
  6. X. Zhang, T. Parisini, M. M. Polycarpou, “Adaptive Fault-tolerant Control of Nonlinear Uncertain Systems: an Information–based Diagnostic Approach,” IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, vol. 49, pp. 1259-1274, 2004.
  7. R. Zoppoli, M. Sanguineti, T. Parisini, “Approximating Networks and Extended Ritz Method for the Solution of Functional Optimization Problems,” Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, vol. 112, n. 2, pp. 403–439, 2002.
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